What we do

The Flamingo Project is a Marketing Strategy consultancy designed to GROW existing professional service firms and LAUNCH new businesses. We craft marketing strategies that knit your vision, people, pursuits, and message to help you conquer the next big thing.

Whether you are looking to grow your market share, launch a new market or geography, or simply engage more often with your clients, The Flamingo Project is ready to help you.



In a nutshell, we are your CMO, your outsourced marketing department, your staff augmentation, your "do it differently"...We know how to work with creatives and engineers to bring them onboard the journey.



Marketing and BD Plans 
New Market Planning 
Market Research 
Client Targeting 
Capture Planning 
Pipeline Development 
Communications Plans 
Small Business Plans



Client Retention Programs
Employee Retention Programs
Competitive Assessments
Content Creation
Collateral Development
Direct Communications
Campaign Project Management


Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.
— M.C. Escher

Sarah Walker Kinard

Sarah is a strategic visionary who continues to build her career shaping marketing strategy for professional service firms. Known as a change agent, she tackles your challenges with strategy and implementation at a scale you can handle. Sarah's curiosity, fail-forward/fail-fast approach, and desire to have fun in everything she does, are the hallmarks of how she "does it differently".

impromptu photo by William Bichara Photography